Software all-in-one design of anchoring and electrical connection of a floating wind turbines farm

ABYSS CAD- Stationis, software for optimization of floating windturbines farm

Stationis is a collaborative R & D project developing an all-in-one design of anchoring and electrical connection of a floating wind farm. Via a 3D visualization interface, the user can:

  • Design and size underwater architecture of a floating windturbines farm.
  • Choosing the best electrical and mooring equipments for a given architecture.
  • Change the layout diagram of a farm to optimize the performance of underwater connections through economic and technical indicators.

This is possible thanks to major innovations specific to the floating wind turbine, the software takes both mooring and electrical connections and enables a quick calculation of technical and economic indicators. Its dynamic 3D interface offers an exceptional user experience. Thanks to these characteristics, it can be used at all stages of a project by a variety of actors of the floating windturbine business.

The project began in May 2015 for a period of 2 years. Its budget is € 2 million, part of French public subsidies. It brings together five partners: Abyss CAD, Capsim, EOLFI, LHEEA (Centrale Nantes) and INNOSEA.

Abyss CAD is in charge of the software architecture, the development of the graphical interface and the management of the project database.

For stationis project, Abyss CAD is supported by the area of Vaucluse, the Community of Pays d'Aix and BPI France.

Abyss CAD is also the worldwide distributor of Stationis.

For further information, visit the Stationis website or follow us on LinkedIn.

The characteristics of Stationis

ABYSS CAD- The characteristics of the software Stationis
  • Programming :
    C# (Visual Studio)

  • 3D visualization :
    Unity 3D

  • Databases :

  • Operating system :